Your Ingredients

At alFresco, we are committed to using the finest, freshest ingredients available, using local and sustainable sources whenever possible. And we don’t have to go far!

We have partnered with local growers from Ocoee to Samula, who deliver products fresh to our doorstep; we purchase baked goods from nearby Douce France Bakery; and we hand-select ingredients from Green Sky Growers, a rooftop farm located directly above us that produces tons of fresh herbs, vegetables and fish annually — without the use of harmful pesticides (They also supply the weekly Winter Garden Farmer’s Market, just steps from alFresco).Our philosophy on freshness translates into flavor — and we will not compromise. In fact, we designed our kitchen to have just one small freezer for homemade ice cream and sorbet (not leftover ingredients!).

We describe our style of cooking as modern Mediterranean cuisine and highlight our favorite dishes from that region, from a Classic Tzatziki appetizer served with fresh vegetables and toasted pita to Sautéed Sea Scallops to the Chef’s Signature Paella.Our menu items vary based upon what ingredients are at their peak that day, and you’re not limited to what’s on the menu. Tell us what flavors you enjoy and allow us to flex our culinary muscles and create a custom dish for you. Who knows … maybe it will end up on our menu!